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$8 OFF $70, $12 OFF $100, $15 OFF $130, $30 OFF $200, $35 OFF $250
$8 OFF $70, $12 OFF $100, $15 OFF $130, $30 OFF $200, $35 OFF $250

Road to a Superhero

A healthy and active lifestyle are essential to keep someone strong and fit. It is definitely a challenge to juggle career, family and health. If your dad enjoys workouts or participate in sports on a regular basis, you may consider giving him some energy booster and stress reliever as a Father’s Day present to show some support to his active and hectic lifestyle.



Maca root is an adaptogenic herb that is used for various purposes such as restore vitality, enhance endurance, improve mental and physical performance and enhance the body’s response to stress. One of the consistent findings in the human clinical data is that maca boosts mood scores, reduces feeling of stress and anxiety, and increases energy levels. Other studies have shown that maca has anti-fatigue properties and may improve anxiety-related symptoms.



Ginseng, also known as Panax ginseng is an important herb use for therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It has been known to help increase energy levels and is frequently used in either supplement form or as a hot tea. Studies demonstrated ginseng could help improve energy levels in those with chronic fatigue as well as symptoms of psychological fatigue. A 2018 study using an animal model indicated that ginseng plays an important role in reducing fatigue symptoms overall.



B-Vitamins are crucial in energy production and maintaining good health. They function as coenzymes of one another and act as the building blocks of a healthy body. They may help support a healthy nervous system, brain function, and cell growth. Hence, taking vitamins with B-Complex is a good way to boost your energy levels to support busy lifestyles.

This Father’s Day give your father the love he deserves to stay as energetic as a superhero.


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