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$8 OFF $70, $12 OFF $100, $15 OFF $130, $30 OFF $200, $35 OFF $250
$8 OFF $70, $12 OFF $100, $15 OFF $130, $30 OFF $200, $35 OFF $250

Relax with Banana Floral Infusion

Prepared By Nutritionist Jade

 In today's fast-paced world, finding moments of relaxation and tranquillity is essential for maintaining mental and physical well-being. When we are feeling stressed, the stress hormone cortisol is released into our bloodstream, and it disrupts serotonin pathways in our brain, which are responsible for regulating our mood, appetite, sleep, and cognitive function. While there are countless methods and products promising relaxation, some of the most effective remedies can be found in nature's own pantry. Among these natural treasures are bananas, lavender, lemon balm, and green tea – each offering unique properties that promote relaxation and calmness.

Bananas are not only delicious and nutritious but they also serve as natural stress-busters. Banana has been known to have anti-anxiety potential as it is rich in complex carbohydrates which are associated with increased synthesis of tryptophan in the brain, thereby stimulating the synthesis of the happy hormone serotonin. Not only has the pulp of banana been proven beneficial, the peel also has demonstrated the potential as it contains phyto serotonin as an antidepressant in animal studies.1,2 Banana is also rich in potassium and magnesium, which can help regulate blood pressure and relax muscles, reducing feelings of tension and anxiety.

Lavender's delicate fragrance has long been celebrated for its calming effects on the mind and body. It is a traditional herbal medicinal product used as a sleep aid, with the therapeutic relief of mild symptoms of mental stress and exhaustion. There are scientific studies that show oral administration of lavender extract to be effective in the reduction of anxiety.Lemon balm, a member of the mint family, has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for anxiety and stress. Its calming properties come from compounds like rosmarinic acid and flavonoids, which help reduce stress hormone cortisol levels in the body.

Green tea is renowned for its numerous health benefits, including its calming effects on the mind. Rich in L-theanine, an amino acid known for its relaxation-inducing properties, green tea can help reduce stress and promote a state of calm alertness. Unlike other caffeinated beverages, green tea provides a gentle energy boost without the jittery side effects, making it an ideal choice for relaxation.

Holistic Way Bio-Elixir Mood Calming Shot is a comprehensive formulation comprising active ingredients of Banana Peel Extract, L-Tryptophan, Lavender, and Lemon Balm Extract to support healthy mood balance and better sleep quality. By using patented technology to extract the beneficial compounds from banana peel, the once-discarded kitchen waste can be turned into a health supplement supporting healthy stress response and mood balance. L-Tryptophan, along with L-Theanine from Green Tea, can help regulate and maintain serotonin levels to promote calmness, while Magnesium is added to aid in relaxation of muscles and nerves.

Infused with calming ingredients in a liquid sachet, this refreshing ready-to drink formulation conveniently supports healthy mood balance and better sleep quality. Embrace this holistic banana floral infusion, an innovative formulation that harnesses the benefits of natural ingredients, to help us relax, nurture our well-being, and find harmony in the midst of life's demands.



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