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$8 OFF $70, $12 OFF $100, $15 OFF $130, $30 OFF $200, $35 OFF $250
$8 OFF $70, $12 OFF $100, $15 OFF $130, $30 OFF $200, $35 OFF $250

Detox and Revitalize with Plum Ferment

Prepared By Nutritionist Jade

Do you experience persistent digestive issues like bloating, gas, or food sensitivities, along with fatigue, mood changes, skin problems, unexplained weight fluctuations, or weakened immune system? These symptoms could indicate an imbalance in your gut microbiome, signalling a need for gut detoxification. While the term "detox" often brings to mind strict diets and fasting regimens, there's a lesser-known but equally potent method of detoxification that harnesses the natural goodness of fermented foods—plum ferment. This ancient practice, rooted in traditional Asian medicine, has been gaining traction worldwide for its remarkable ability to cleanse and revitalize the body. Let's delve into the transformative effect of plum ferment and explore how it can contribute to your journey towards better health and vitality.


Fermentation is a natural occurrence whereby microorganisms, like bacteria or yeast, convert sugars into acids or alcohol. It not only alters the flavour of the fruit but also enriches their nutritional content. In the case of fermented plums, the process is driven by lactic acid-producing bacteria. These bacteria metabolize the sugars within plums, yielding lactic acid and other compounds that impart the distinctive tangy taste and health benefits. Lactic acid serves as a nourishing source of food for beneficial gut bacteria. Additionally, the beneficial microorganisms found in fermented plums generate enzymes that facilitate the breakdown of complex nutrients into simpler forms, enhancing the body's absorption. Fermentation increases the availability of various nutrients, such as vitamins A and C naturally found in plums, thereby contributing to your daily intake of these essential nutrients.


Holistic Way Bio-Elixir Super Detox Shot is a comprehensive formula comprising Plum Ferment Extract sourced from Chile, the world's largest exporter of this purple gem. Chilean prunes are cultivated in a paradise-like environment with a large amount of volcanic ash, which brings rich minerals to the soil, and alpine snowmelt nourishes the earth and vegetation, yielding prunes with high nutritional value and a sweet taste. Plum Ferment Extract undergoes a 3-step fermentation process to enhance the bioavailability of its functional compounds, promoting bowel movement and detoxifying the gut. An in-house study has shown that after drinking Plum Ferment extract for 4 weeks, the number of beneficial bacteria (Bifidobacterium) is increased by more than 50%, while harmful bacteria is significantly decreased.


Besides Plum, Holistic Way also incorporates Lactitol, Resistant Dextrin, Kale, and Black Fungus that may help to eliminate waste accumulated in the body and support robust gut health. Kale, Black Fungus, and β-carotene are superfoods that contains antioxidants to protect cells against free radicals, and replenish our gut with essentials vitamins after detoxification. Lactitol and Resistant Dextrin are dietary fibres that act as a prebiotic to support a balance intestinal microbiome and promote healthy digestion.

This formula not only helps to maintain a healthy weight but also aids in achieving a healthy gut, which is essential for various aspects of health, including mood, energy levels, and complexion. It may help to promote a healthy skin complexion, improve mood, increase energy levels, and eliminate bad breath. This convenient liquid sachet formulation is especially suitable for individuals with poor bowel movement, a sedentary lifestyle, slow metabolism, and those who dine out frequently.


In conclusion, recognizing the signs of gut imbalance and harnessing the natural goodness of fermented foods like plum ferment, you can nourish your body from within, and achieve better health with increased energy levels, and a renewed sense of vitality.


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