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From $80.00
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Probiotic 75 Billion
Bundle of 2 [30 Vegetarian Capsules x 2]
Supports digestive health, regularity, and immune system with 12 strains
$152.80 $76.40
Mega Multi Once A Day
Bundle of 2 [60 Tablets x 2]
Supports overall health with essential vitamins and minerals, gradual release
$91.80 $61.51
Premium Gold Diamond White Collagen
Single [30 Capsules]
Supports skin brightness, hydration, UV protection, and overall skin health.
$150.80 $105.56
Premium Gold Crown Care Hair Food
Single [30 Capsules]
Supports healthy hair growth, shine, and strength with natural ingredients.
$110.00 $77.00
Premium Gold Deer Placenta 15,000mg
Single [30 Softgels]
Promotes youthful skin, overall health with powerful natural ingredients.
$150.80 $105.56
[Gut Lover Bundle] Holistic Way Probiotic + Bio-Elixir Super Detox Shot
[30 Vegetarian Capsules x 3]
From $49.90
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Bio-Elixir Stem Cell Collagen Shot
Single [10 Liquid Sachets x 25ml]
Supports skin hydration, elasticity, and cell renewal for youthful skin
$52.00 $39.00
Bio-Elixir Super Detox Shot
Single [10 Liquid Sachets x 20ml]
Supports bowel movement, gut health, digestion, weight, energy, skin
$39.00 $29.25
Bio-Elixir Super Vision Pro Shot
Single [10 Liquid Sachets x 15ml]
Supports eye health, immune function, and skin glow
$39.00 $29.25


Premium Health Supplements In Singapore

JR Life Sciences (Holistic Way) is an importer and distributor of vitamins, minerals and various health supplements in Singapore, with more than 15 years of experience under our belt in serving the local community with quality health supplements.

Multi-Award Winning Health Supplement Brand

Discover the power of holistic health with Holistic Way. Our products are meticulously crafted to support your well-being, ensuring you live a vibrant, balanced life.

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reviews by client
Holistic Way Deer Placenta improved my skin's hydration and suppleness, reduced fine lines, and boosted my energy. Highly recommend!
Mei Ling
Holistic Way Super Lutein improved my vision and reduced eye strain. Highly recommend for supporting eye health!
Jasmine Lim
Digestive health noticeably better with Probiotic 75 Billion. Delayed release ensures absorption. Feel healthier overall. Highly recommend!
I absolutely love Bio-Elixir Super Detox Shot! It's my go-to for gut health. Plus, it's super convenient for travel.
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