Holistic Way Melatonin 3mg (90 Tablets)

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Holistic Way

Holistic Way Melatonin 3mg (90 Tablets)

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Holistic Way Melatonin 3mg is a sublingual tablet that dissolves quickly under the tongue, allowing for faster and more effective absorption compared to traditional oral tablets. This easy-dissolve tablet works fast to promote and support sound sleep, making it an ideal solution for those struggling with sleep problems.


Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by the body that helps regulate sleep-wake cycles. However, sometimes our bodies may not produce enough melatonin, leading to sleep problems. Holistic Way Melatonin 3mg can help supplement the body's natural melatonin levels, improving sleep quality and quantity.


Holistic Way Melatonin 3mg may also be particularly helpful for those with altered sleep schedules due to shift work and jet lag. These disruptions to the body's internal clock can make it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep, but Holistic Way Melatonin 3mg can help reset the internal clock and improve sleep quality.


Full disclosure and disclaimer: Results may vary across individuals, and this supplement should not replace a balanced and varied diet or a healthy lifestyle.



Through our past experiences, we had encountered a number of orders of Melatonin to some countries where the customs control had detained, confiscated or rejected the order to enter the country. Please check with your local customs office to confirm if you can import the items, and if any additional licenses or permits are needed. JR Life Sciences will not be held responsible in the event that the goods are being detained, confiscated or rejected during custom clearance in your country. All custom duties, taxes or fees imposed in your country shall be borne by the customer. No refunds will be issued once the order is shipped out.

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90 Tablets

Each tablet contains: Melatonin — 3mg

Tabletting aids

Adults: At bedtime, allow to dissolve under the tongue, 1-3 tablets daily, or as recommended by a physician. Consult your physician for use beyond 4 weeks.

This product is meant only for jet lag and is not recommended for prolonged consumption. Keep out of reach of children. Store below 30°C in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening for maximum potency. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any diseases. If taking prescription medication or if in doubt, consult your healthcare professional. This product is not suitable for children, pregnant and lactating women.

* Individual results may vary

Wheat, gluten, yeast, soy, nuts, eggs, fish, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Suitable for vegetarians.

Made in Canada




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